Road Bike Routes in Ruidoso, NM

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Ruidoso to Fort Stanton in El Paso, TX

Ruidoso to Fort Stanton

  • 22.40 miles
  • 1210 ft

This scenic ride goes from Ruidoso thru Alto, past the airport and ends in the Fort Stanton Historic area. There are lots of great views along the way. Spend some time looking around in Fort Stanton, including the cemetery. ...

El Paso to Ruidoso  in El Paso, TX

El Paso to Ruidoso

  • 114.00 miles
  • 4300 ft

This road ride has a 75 mile "warm up" before a serious climb! Starting at the Texas-New Mexico state line, travel north on US 54 and slowly close in on the mountains. The route goes around Alamogordo on the relief route, but you could fuel up there or even spend the night there about 65 miles into...

Ski Run Road Climb in El Paso, TX

Ski Run Road Climb

  • 12.20 miles
  • 2900 ft

This looks and feels like a Tour de France climb! It's the kind of ride you can brag about. The first few miles are a moderate climb and then it's back and forth switchbacks up to Ski Apache with the last mile downhill. The route shown is 12.2 miles ONE WAY. Make sure you have great brakes if yo...