Mountain Bike Trails in Ruidoso, NM

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Cedar Creek Beginner Ride in El Paso, TX

Cedar Creek Beginner Ride

  • 2.10 miles
  • 140 ft

This short ride can be used to test a beginner's singletrack riding skills and to see if you're ready for riding at 7,000 feet above sea level. It's an out and back ride along Cedar Creek. ...

12 Hours of the Wild West Course 2011 course in El Paso, TX

12 Hours of the Wild West Course 2011 course

  • 10.34 miles
  • 1121 ft

From the trailhead cross the road and go through the fence. Turn right onto the single track and then a left on the gravel road. Travel about a half mile crossing a cattle guard and then turning right onto Kit Carson trail. You will stay on this trail for awhile climbing to a saddle, where you will ...

12 Hours in the Wild West 2012 Course in El Paso, TX

12 Hours in the Wild West 2012 Course

  • 11.10 miles
  • 960 ft

Here's the course for the 2012 Twelve Hours of the Wild West race in Ruidoso. It's basically all singletrack with moderate climbs and fun downhills. The views of the area including the Capitan Mountains and the Fort Stanton area are beautiful. For race info, go here:

Kraut Littleton Loop in El Paso, TX

Kraut Littleton Loop

  • 8.00 miles
  • 1474 ft

Park in the large parking lot on the north end of Bonita Lake. Go around the closed gate and ride the two track for about three quarters of a mile. Starting looking for a singletrack taking off from your right. The singletrack runs through the trees with a small creek to your right. The trail will o...

Cedar Creek Sightsee in El Paso, TX

Cedar Creek Sightsee

  • 9.10 miles
  • 1650 ft

The Cedar Creek area holds a maze of trails. This course has lots of fun singletrack, some climbs and a little dirt road mixed in. You may want the ride the part of this course that’s south of Cedar Creek Road clockwise (the opposite of what’s shown here), that way the are going uphill on the f...

Spaghetti Strand in El Paso, TX

Spaghetti Strand

  • 2.90 miles
  • 310 ft

I could ride this loop all day long! It's part of the trail network known locally as the Spaghetti Bowl. There's a nice, slow warmup climb followed by a rollercoaster of a downhill. Didn't get enough the first time? Just keep going around in circles!...

Monjeau Lookout Climb in El Paso, TX

Monjeau Lookout Climb

  • 6.00 miles
  • 2220 ft

If painful climbs to beautiful views sound like fun, this is a great choice. It's uphill all the way with the steepest sections near the top. Near the top you'll start seeing great vistas toward Ruidoso, the Capitan Mountains and Sierra Blanca. The views are so good that the Forest Service still ...