El Paso to Guadalupe Mountains N.P.

This road bike ride takes the main highway (62/180) from El Paso to the headquarters of Guadalupe Mountains National Park at Pine Springs. The mapped route starts just east of the intersection of 62/180 and Loop 375, so if you start seven miles closer to downtown El Paso you'll have one helluva century ride. Just after leaving El Paso there's a big climb up to the mesa. Then, 40 miles later you get your first view of the Guadalupes looming in the distance. Save some energy for the 2000 feet climb in the last 10 miles. There are basically no services on this route (or at the park), so other than water, you'll need to carry everything. Still it's a 100-miler to make any road biker proud.

Ride Info

  • 93.00 miles of Paved Road
  • 3750 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

This route on Highways 62/180 starts east of the junction of Loop 375 and Highways 62/180 in east El Paso and goes east on 62/180.