Hueco Ranch Road to Dell City

This cross country route is for experienced riders looking for adventure or a bikebacking route out of El Paso. You'll pass north of the Cornudas Mountains across Otero Mesa and see lots of wide open spaces. There are a few ranch houses (with dogs?) and not much chance of any help. The good news: you are on your own. The bad news: you are on your own!

Ride Info

  • 62.40 miles of Maintained Dirt Road
  • 960 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

Leaving El Paso on Highway 62/180 going east toward Carlsbad, look for Hueco Ranch Road just as you climb thru a pretty canyon a few miles past the turn to Hueco Tanks State Park. Start on Hueco Ranch Road where it leaves the highway. 31 miles in you'll turn right on F018.