Fenton Lake Southbound

This ride starts at the headquarters of Fenton Lake State Park in northern New Mexico and travels thru some beautiful valleys in the Santa Fe National Forest. The nice feature of this ride is that the dirt roads involved mostly follow old railroad beds so the ride is never very steep - even less experienced riders can cruise along. The route shown is an out and back - you could also turn the other direction on FR 376 and get your uphill in first.

Ride Info

  • 16.00 miles of Unmaintained Dirt Road
  • 800 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The ride starts at the headquarters of Fenton Lake State Park. This is a quiet little park with 30 campsites and a 35-acre lake. It's surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest. Ride south on the park road (away from the entrance). At the bottom end of the park you have to carry the bike over a gate and continue down a rarely used dirt road. After about 2 miles the road comes to a "T" on FR 376. The route shown goes south (right) on 376 along the Rio Cebolla, but you could just as easily turn the other way on 376 and ride uphill for 6+ miles before retracing your route.