Fenton Lake - Barley Canyon Loop

This ride climbs up and down a series of beautiful and secluded dirt roads thru canyons from Fenton Lake State Park in the Santa Fe National Forest before meeting up with State Road 126 for a bit of paved uphill and then four screaming miles of downhill back to the park. You see wildlife, but not many people. You can also relax at the San Antonio Hot Springs about half way thru the ride. Follow the directions below carefully - some of these roads/trails aren't even on all the forest service maps.

Ride Info

  • 22.90 miles of Mixed
  • 3243 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The ride starts at the entrance to Fenton Lake State Park. From the entrance, turn left (toward Cuba) on State Road 126 and go about 1/2 mile, then turn right on Forest Road (FR) 378 and begin the long climb up Barley Canyon. About 3.5 miles up the canyon the road comes to a "T" at FR 144, go left. About 5 miles later you'll see FR 106 going right, take that turn. Very soon you'll go thru a small gate and then down a small two-track passable only on a bike or motorcycle. About 1 mile down the trail opens up on a big valley. Stay to the right and go downstream thru the valley and the road will slowly improve and become FR 376. After a couple of miles you'll come to San Antonio Hot Springs and five miles further you'll be at State Road 126. Go right on SR 126 for two miles of uphill and 4 miles down back to the park entrance. (Ridden September, 2011)