Rim Trail and Karr Canyon Downhill

This ride gives a taste of the Rim Trail and then has 18 miles of dirt road and quiet paved road down 5000 feet thru Karr and Fresnal Canyons to the town of La Luz. The 5+ mile stretch of the Rim Trail is one of the easier stretches of this trail and has great views of White Sands and the Tularosa Basin below. For beginners it will still be a tough stretch. Then it's about all down hill to La Luz. The dirt roads are steep and the rocks can be loose. We had two accidents on our way down.

Ride Info

  • 24.20 miles of Mixed
  • 1400 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

We were shuttled from the Brewer Chevron station on Highway 82 in Alamogordo to up to the Rim Trail by High Altitude Cycles (575) 682-1229. We were dropped off 3.1 miles south from the start of the Sunspot Highway and rode in on Forest Service Road 636, then turned right on the Rim Trail (T-105). The second road you cross from there will be Forest Road 64, Karr Canyon Road. When you get to Highway 82 go downhill a bit and then right and continue down the quiet paved road thru Fresnal Canyon. In La Luz, go left and back to the Chevron station.