Rim Trail Round Trip

The Rim Trail near Cloudcroft, New Mexico is one of the best-known mountain bike routes in the state. Most everyone rides this trail to the south, starting at the trailhead nearest Cloudcroft. We mapped this round trip starting at the other end, at Atkinson Field on Forest Service Road 640. To start the bike ride we first we rode back to the Sunspot Highway and then rode the highway 8.5 miles back to the beginning of the Rim Trail. From there you hit the trail and you’ve got 14 miles of mostly amazing (and sometimes brutally rough) singletrack back to Atkinson Field. On the trail follow the signs for trail number 105. Along the way you’ll have great views of White Sands National Monument and the Tularosa Basin – 10+ miles away and 5,000 feet below. This is a beautiful, but tough ride – 9,000 feet above sea level, over 3,000 feet of climb and some rough singletrack. Done as a round trip, it’s for experienced and fit riders only.

Ride Info

  • 24.00 miles of Mixed
  • 3190 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

From Cloudcroft, go south on NM Highway 130. After two miles, turn right (south) on the Sunspot Highway (NM 6563). Go 8.5 miles and turn right on Forest Road 640. Go one mile on 640 and park where the road turns left. There are lots of primitive campsites along 640. You ride back down the 640 the way you came in to start this route. After riding eight miles back north on Sunspot Highway look for the big Rim Trail sign on the left. After 14 miles on the trail, you come to Atkinson Field (you’ll know the spot because it’s where you’ll see your fourth big Rim Trail sign, and signs for trails 110 and 111. Instead of staying on the Rim Trail at this point, turn left and go across Atkinson Field (there’s a sign that says “Illegal Trail”, but it’s for motorized vehicles. When you cross the field, you’ll come to Forest Road 640 at the starting point.