12 Hours of the Wild West Course 2011 course

From the trailhead cross the road and go through the fence. Turn right onto the single track and then a left on the gravel road. Travel about a half mile crossing a cattle guard and then turning right onto Kit Carson trail. You will stay on this trail for awhile climbing to a saddle, where you will run into Pershing reroute. Continue straight on the this trail, rapping around the hill and crossing a gravel road onto the Capitan Overlook trail.This trail runs through a canyon and eventuality turns left and climbs through Billy's rock garden and coming out on a gravel road, where you will turn right. You will stay on the road to a split where you will go left and you are going down hill. Follow the road down around the hill and eventuality climb back up. The road will level off, start looking for the Buffalo Solider trail to your left. This trail will run for awhile and climb back to the gravel road. At the road go around the fence to your right and you will be on the Outlaw trail. Hold on to your sombrero this is a fast and fun trail. You will end up at a power line where you will go left. Cross the road onto the trail and you will go a ways to the Antelope Gag trail. Turn right and follow this trail to a two track where you will turn right. You will come out on a gravel road and take a left here. Travel about a half mile and take the single track to your right before the cattle guard. Follow this trail for a ways dropping through a rock garden and coming out at the gap in the fence.

Ride Info

  • 10.34 miles of Mixed
  • 1121 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

From Ruidoso you will travel north on Hwy 48. Turn right on Hwy 220. This is the airport highway. You will pass the airport and go down a hill and come to a tee in the road. Turn left and go past the fort about a mile and a half. Start looking for a large parking lot on your right. This is the trail head. There are restrooms and maps here.