Trenchtown Rocks

This is the best loop to do to get in the funnest singletrack in the northeast trail network. Sign in at the park sign in box and head north. Turn left on the main singletrack and stay right-ish to the Old Tin Mine Rd. Turn right at the first signed singletrack on the right is Lazy Cow. Take Lazy Cow north to Trenchtown Road. Go west towards the mountains and stay left on the main road until you come to the marked junction with Blue Moon Rd. Turn right and you will ride through Dead Man's Drop and then to the top of Upper Mad Cow. Take Upper Mad Cow all the way to the Bowen Ranch Round House. Stay right before the Round House and connect with the other end of Lazy Cow. Head south on Lazy Cow back to Trenchtown turning left to go east to the fence line. Turn right at the fence line and follow the well worn track that eventually splits off to the right taking you back to Tin Mine Rd. Turn left on Tin Mine and finish at the sign in box.

Ride Info

  • 8.00 miles of Mixed
  • 500 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

From the Martin Luther King exit on Hwy 54, go north on MLK. Turn left on Jon Cunningham and park in the lot at the dead end of Jon Cunningham. Ride to the top of the dam that you see just west of the parking lot. Go south on the top of the dam until you get to the sign in box.