Hitt Canyon/Hitt Wash Loop

This ride starts from the Bowen Round House. Most people reach the Round House from Heinrich Park via Lazy Cow Trail or the fenceline/gas line road running behind the flood control dams behind the North Hills neighborhood.

This is a great ride if you are looking for some solitude and it's also good if it's quite windy as the main climb is up Hitt Wash which is pretty deep and sheltered. There are a lot of tributaries running into the wash and it's easy to get off track as you can see from this gps file where there is a small off-shoot where I got lost even though I've ridden it 20 or so times.

You'll have one small hike-a-bike out of the wash to the main Hitt Canyon Trail. If you take a right on this trail it's about 2 miles to the pass to the west side of the range. If you continue to follow this gps track, you'll be in for a treat with mild singletrack climbs and technically challenging descents that are not that steep.

You will rarely see people on this ride as it's remote. Enjoy!

Ride Info

  • 10.50 miles of Mixed
  • 1090 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

Start at the Bowen Ranch Round House. Park at Heinrich Park in Northeast El Paso which is at the west end of Jon Cunningham off of Martin Luther King in the North Hills neighborhood. Ride to the top of the dam. If you head north on the top of the dam, you'll eventually come to the end of the dam and see the gas line road that will take you to the Round House about a mile away. Or you could ride other trails in the area to get to the Round House.