Puzzler 2017 30-mile loop

This track shows the big loop for the 2017 El Paso Puzzler. The track was created by a rider starting on the west side, not at the roundhouse, but you get the idea. In the actual race, 35 and 50 mile racers will do a 6 mile lap including Pipeline Road, Trenchtown, Sotol Forest and Boulder Dash before starting this lap. This lap includes a little Tu Madre, Coyote Ugly, Newman, Hitt Canyon, Northern Pass, high side of Bike Loops to shortcut 1, Lower Sunset, Mundy's Gap, Polecat Alley, Muleshoe, The Maze, Tin Mine and Lazy Cow. You may think reading this has you confused, but actually you've been Puzzled!

Ride Info

  • 29.47 miles of Mixed
  • 4047 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The start/finish line for the Puzzler is at the Bowen Roundhouse in northeast El Paso.