Casitas de Gila Loop One

Casitas de Gila in a fabulous place to get away and it's just 30 miles northwest of Silver City, NM. There are five casitas overlooking the Gila Wilderness with Bear Creek meandering across the property. Several rides are listed on their web site and this is a variation of one of them. From my casita I rode back to Hooker Loop Road (the road into the property from the town of Gila) and turn north (right). When I got back to FR 153 I turned right and climbed about two miles up toward the wilderness before turning around and following the road back to the town of Gila and then back on Hooker Loop to Casitas. There are fabulous views of the Gila River valley and surrounding mountains. After the ride, the solitude of Casitas de Gila is the perfect place for an afternoon siesta!

Ride Info

  • 19.68 miles of Unmaintained Dirt Road
  • 1550 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

This loop starts from Casitas de Gila near Gila, NM. You can get more info from their web site at