La Luz & Bailey Dirt Road Loop (Cloudcroft)

This is a great loop from the campgrounds north of Cloudcroft. It starts with a quick paved two mile downhill and then up and down on La Luz Canyon Road, past Bailey Canyon and then climbs back to Cloudcroft to rejoin the highway south of the campground. A few stretches of big aspens make this a great autumn ride. Look and listen for wildlife - deer and elk abound.

Ride Info

  • 10.66 miles of Mixed
  • 1600 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The route shown starts in the Silver Campground Overflow lot. From there, turn right on the Highway (224), left on La Luz Canyon Road (162), left on 206, left on 206C and left on the highway again (224) for a climb back to the starting point.