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Scenic Sunday Two Ways in ,

Scenic Sunday Two Ways

  • 3.70 miles
  • 375 ft

On Sunday mornings, Scenic Drive in El Paso is closed to motor vehicles. Walkers, bikers and runners have the place all to themselves. OK, this is all on pavement, so it's really just a walk. Once you're comfortable with this walk, maybe you'll be ready to go off-road....

Cedar Creek Fitness Trail in ,

Cedar Creek Fitness Trail

  • 1.40 miles
  • 110 ft

This easy trail is for hikers/walkers only. It's a nice stroll on a well-maintained trail just behind the National Forest ranger station in Ruidoso....

Las Conchas Trail, Jemez River in ,

Las Conchas Trail, Jemez River

  • 3.30 miles
  • 400 ft

This popular day hike travels along the East Fork of the Jemez River just south of the Valle Caldera National Preserve. You'll hike past high canyon walls downstream to the box where the canyon narrows and forces the trail to leave the river. You can continue on the trail by turning left just befor...

Foothills Trail in ,

Foothills Trail

  • 2.60 miles
  • 380 ft

The Foothills Trail is a connector trail between the Pine Springs headquarters and the Frijole Ranch area. If you do the hike as shown here, you will need a shuttle between Pine Springs and Frijole Ranch. It's basically a downhill hike from Pine Springs to Frijole (or, obviously uphill if you star...

Pinery Trail in ,

Pinery Trail

  • 0.80 miles
  • 100 ft

This short, paved trail goes from the Guadalupe Mountains National Park visitors center at Pine Springs to the remnants of the Butterfield Overland Mail stop just a short distance away. Info about the Butterfield Trail is available at the Visitors Center....

Palisades Canyon Loop in ,

Palisades Canyon Loop

  • 2.80 miles
  • 790 ft

In 2010 the El Paso Public Service Board purchased Palisades Canyon from private owners and made this frequently used hiking and biking area officially open to the public. This loop goes up the old jeep road on the side of the canyon before looping around and back down on singletrack trails with vi...

Crazy Cat Thru Hike in ,

Crazy Cat Thru Hike

  • 2.60 miles
  • 430 ft

This El Paso hike takes you between Crazy Cat Mountain and the Franklins. There are several side trails to add distance or change the route. Along the way are close up views of beautiful desert terrain and distant views of El Paso, Juarez and southern New Mexico. The trip shown is a one way - go ...

Old Tin Mine - Polecat Lollipop in ,

Old Tin Mine - Polecat Lollipop

  • 5.20 miles
  • 480 ft

This a great ride or hike when you've graduated from the easy stuff and want a little more elevation gain. From Chuck Heinrich Park, enter the Franklin Mountains State Park and start up the Old Tin Mine Trail, go right on Polecat Alley (1.8 miles from starting point), left on Blue Moon (2.8 miles f...

Schaeffer Shuffle and More in ,

Schaeffer Shuffle and More

  • 4.00 miles
  • 950 ft

This loop hike in the Tom Mays Unit of Franklin Mountains State Park provides you with an up close look at some of the higher terrain and more beautiful arroyos in the park. You'll start at the trailhead at the top of the road in the park, descend quickly down an old dirt road and then loop around ...

Big Bend NP - Window Trail in ,

Big Bend NP - Window Trail

  • 6.60 miles
  • 300 ft

This is one of the signature hikes in Big Bend National Park. The entire Chisos Basin at the top of the park drains thru one small opening. This opening is also the window to a fabulous view of the western part of the part and, on a clear day, a hundred more miles of West Texas. Wildlife are acti...

Picacho Peak Summit Hike in ,

Picacho Peak Summit Hike

  • 1.20 miles
  • 790 ft

Picacho Peak is a 4959-foot high peak just northwest of Las Cruces. It is 1.2 miles from the trailhead to the top - a 2.4-mile roundtrip hike. It is a volcanic mountain composed of rhyolite (mostly quartz and feldspar) that solidified at the surface approximately 35 million years ago. From the top ...

Trail 13 - Tin Mine Loop in ,

Trail 13 - Tin Mine Loop

  • 2.70 miles
  • 970 ft

This hiking trail is close to Ruidoso and a great place to see wildlife. Although it’s a marked trail, it’s not well maintained and there are often lots of downed trees along the way. This suggested route starts on Trail 13, at 1.2 miles you’ll reach a ridge line (Trail 13 actually continues...

Devil's Hall in ,

Devil's Hall

  • 4.40 miles
  • 450 ft

This is one of the prettiest hikes in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It's an out and back hike of 2.2 miles each way. After about a mile along the side of a mountain the trail drops into a white limestone stream bed. Keep going and the sides close in on you. Take time to explore the walls of t...

Big Bend NP-Top of Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail in ,

Big Bend NP-Top of Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail

  • 4.50 miles
  • 500 ft

This isn't a well-known trail, but it was a highlight of our recent Big Bend National Park trip. The trail winds down through a narrowing canyon before reaching a spot where water pours over the edge in the area's infrequent rains. And that's the end of the trail. With lots of interesting geologi...

Big Bend NP-Lost Mine Trail in ,

Big Bend NP-Lost Mine Trail

  • 6.20 miles
  • 1400 ft

One of the most scenic hikes in Big Bend National Park. The three mile uphill hike in gets you to great views of the east side of the park thru Juniper Canyon and back toward the outside of Chisos Basin. If you don't have time for the south rim, this is a great (and easier) option....

Frijole, Smith Spring & Foothills Loop in ,

Frijole, Smith Spring & Foothills Loop

  • 8.43 miles
  • 1360 ft

This is a long day hike that stays in the foothills near the park headquarters. With "only" 1360 feet of elevation gain, it's a way to put in some mileage without heading up high. You get close enough to the mountains to get great views and you see the long vista toward the south and east toward C...

McKittrick Canyon to the Grotto in ,

McKittrick Canyon to the Grotto

  • 0.00 miles
  • 390 ft

This is the signature out-and-back day hike in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The trail roughly follows a bright white limestone stream bed up the canyon with the walls of McKittrick Canyon towering thousands of feet above. In late October and early November fall colors add to the beauty of th...

Davis Mtns. State Park-Montezuma Quail Trail in ,

Davis Mtns. State Park-Montezuma Quail Trail

  • 1.00 miles
  • 250 ft

This trail goes quickly up from the main road in the park and offers great views of the surrounding area. Keep a lookout for the rare Montezuma Quail that lives in the area...

Old CCC Trail - Up & Down in ,

Old CCC Trail - Up & Down

  • 4.30 miles
  • 700 ft

This trail starts up the depression-era road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, then cuts more steeply up to meet Skyline Drive at the top. It's a lollipop loop and at the high point you'll have great views of the Davis Mountains and the town of Fort Davis....

Chihuanuan Desert Ctr.-Modesto & Outer Loop in ,

Chihuanuan Desert Ctr.-Modesto & Outer Loop

  • 2.60 miles
  • 370 ft

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens are a great stop in the Fort Davis area. The center includes indoor exhibits, a book and gift shop, botanical gardens, hiking trails and a mining exhibit. The Modesto Spring Trail drops down into a quiet canyon. Watch and listen for wildlif...

Smith Spring in ,

Smith Spring

  • 2.60 miles
  • 430 ft

Of the great hikes in the Guadalupes, this is certainly the easiest. In just a 2.6 mile loop you will pass three natural springs and, if you are just a little bit quiet, see plenty of wildlife. The first spring is at the ranch house adjacent to the trailhead. Manzanita Spring is next and just .2 ...

Directissimo to Thousand Steps in ,

Directissimo to Thousand Steps

  • 2.60 miles
  • 1165 ft

This beautiful trail travels right up and over the Franklin Mountains in El Paso near the Wyler Aerial Tramway. The trail has recently been improved - there are even benches strategically placed all the way up the east side of the mountain. The trail up from the east side is known as Directissimo ...

Ron Coleman Trail in ,

Ron Coleman Trail

  • 3.50 miles
  • 3500 ft

This very difficult hike along the spine of the Franklin Mountains is not for the faint of heart. It starts in McKelligon Canyon and goes up to the ridge before following the ridgeline all the way to Transmountain Road. It is a difficult and dangerous hike that should only be attempted by prepared a...

North Franklin Peak in ,

North Franklin Peak

  • 8.10 miles
  • 2400 ft

This difficult hike starts at the Mundy's Gap trailhead in the Tom Mays Unit of Franklin Mountains State Park. First you'll go up 2 miles and thru Mundy's Gap. Then you start down the other side of the mountains for about a quarter mile before turning right and starting the long slog to the peak....

South Franklin Peak in ,

South Franklin Peak

  • 3.60 miles
  • 1600 ft

This strenuous hike up from Transmountain Road offers great views of both the east and west sides of El Paso - often at the same time. You may lose sight of the trail from time to time, but if you look around and keep going up you'll find your way. It tops out at the FAA towers at South Franklin P...

South Franklins Ridgeline in ,

South Franklins Ridgeline

  • 9.40 miles
  • 2900 ft

This hiking route goes along the ridge line of the Franklins from Transmountain Road to Scenic Drive and includes the Ron Coleman Trail. This is a beautiful hike with stunning views of El Paso, southern New Mexico and Chihuahua - all at the same time. It's a long, strenuous route that is not for t...

Thousand Steps and Ranger Peak Loop in ,

Thousand Steps and Ranger Peak Loop

  • 5.04 miles
  • 1998 ft

This strenuous hike goes from the base of the Franklins near Crazy Cat Mountain and takes you all the way to the platform of the Wyler Aerial Tramway. Along the way you get views of first the west and then the east side of El Paso, plus looks into Chihuahua and New Mexico. Why use the tram to get ...

Guadalupe Peak Trail in ,

Guadalupe Peak Trail

  • 8.40 miles
  • 3100 ft

If you're going to hike, why not go to the top! This strenuous climb goes 4.2 miles up to the top and before you turn around and goe back down the same way to the Pine Springs Campground at the headquarters of the park. It's a stunning view all in all directions....

Salt Basin Overlook in ,

Salt Basin Overlook

  • 5.40 miles
  • 1390 ft

This trail has great views looking up at El Capitan....