Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail is a connector trail between the Pine Springs headquarters and the Frijole Ranch area. If you do the hike as shown here, you will need a shuttle between Pine Springs and Frijole Ranch. It's basically a downhill hike from Pine Springs to Frijole (or, obviously uphill if you start at Frijole). Making this an out-and-back hike turns this into a moderate 5.2 miler.

Ride Info

  • 2.60 miles of Singletrack
  • 380 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

This map starts at the Frijole Ranch trailhead. From the Pine Springs park headquarters, drive 1 mile east on Highway 62/180 and turn left on Frijole Ranch Road. From there it's just a half mile to the end of the road and the trailhead. Take the trail to the left and follow the signs for Foothills Trail. The last 1.5 miles of the hike you will actually be on the Frijole Trail.