Old Tin Mine - Polecat Lollipop

This a great ride or hike when you've graduated from the easy stuff and want a little more elevation gain. From Chuck Heinrich Park, enter the Franklin Mountains State Park and start up the Old Tin Mine Trail, go right on Polecat Alley (1.8 miles from starting point), left on Blue Moon (2.8 miles from starting point) and left at the four way intersection (3.0 miles from start) and you'll be heading back down Old Tin Mine toward your starting point.

Ride Info

  • 5.20 miles of Singletrack
  • 480 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The route starts and ends at the Chuck Heinrich Park trailhead. Park in the parking lot and follow the trail toward the earthen dam. Climb toward the left and travel thru the gates. Go right after passing thru the gate and follow the sign up Old Tin Mine Road.