Palisades Canyon Loop

In 2010 the El Paso Public Service Board purchased Palisades Canyon from private owners and made this frequently used hiking and biking area officially open to the public. This loop goes up the old jeep road on the side of the canyon before looping around and back down on singletrack trails with views of El Paso and Juarez in the distance. There are plenty of side trails to make a longer trip from this.

Ride Info

  • 2.80 miles of Mixed
  • 790 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The trailhead is near the east end of Robinson where it turns to meet Scenic Drive. You can park along the side of the road. Be careful not to block the access road used by trucks that drive up to the radio towers or the trail in and out of Arroyo Park on the downhill side.