Hikes and Trails in Guadalupe Mtns. Nat. Park, TX

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Foothills Trail in El Paso, TX

Foothills Trail

  • 2.60 miles
  • 380 ft

The Foothills Trail is a connector trail between the Pine Springs headquarters and the Frijole Ranch area. If you do the hike as shown here, you will need a shuttle between Pine Springs and Frijole Ranch. It's basically a downhill hike from Pine Springs to Frijole (or, obviously uphill if you star...

Pinery Trail in El Paso, TX

Pinery Trail

  • 0.80 miles
  • 100 ft

This short, paved trail goes from the Guadalupe Mountains National Park visitors center at Pine Springs to the remnants of the Butterfield Overland Mail stop just a short distance away. Info about the Butterfield Trail is available at the Visitors Center....

Devil's Hall in El Paso, TX

Devil's Hall

  • 4.40 miles
  • 450 ft

This is one of the prettiest hikes in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It's an out and back hike of 2.2 miles each way. After about a mile along the side of a mountain the trail drops into a white limestone stream bed. Keep going and the sides close in on you. Take time to explore the walls of t...

Frijole, Smith Spring & Foothills Loop in El Paso, TX

Frijole, Smith Spring & Foothills Loop

  • 8.43 miles
  • 1360 ft

This is a long day hike that stays in the foothills near the park headquarters. With "only" 1360 feet of elevation gain, it's a way to put in some mileage without heading up high. You get close enough to the mountains to get great views and you see the long vista toward the south and east toward C...

McKittrick Canyon to the Grotto in El Paso, TX

McKittrick Canyon to the Grotto

  • 0.00 miles
  • 390 ft

This is the signature out-and-back day hike in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The trail roughly follows a bright white limestone stream bed up the canyon with the walls of McKittrick Canyon towering thousands of feet above. In late October and early November fall colors add to the beauty of th...

Smith Spring in El Paso, TX

Smith Spring

  • 2.60 miles
  • 430 ft

Of the great hikes in the Guadalupes, this is certainly the easiest. In just a 2.6 mile loop you will pass three natural springs and, if you are just a little bit quiet, see plenty of wildlife. The first spring is at the ranch house adjacent to the trailhead. Manzanita Spring is next and just .2 ...

Guadalupe Peak Trail in El Paso, TX

Guadalupe Peak Trail

  • 8.40 miles
  • 3100 ft

If you're going to hike, why not go to the top! This strenuous climb goes 4.2 miles up to the top and before you turn around and goe back down the same way to the Pine Springs Campground at the headquarters of the park. It's a stunning view all in all directions....

Salt Basin Overlook in El Paso, TX

Salt Basin Overlook

  • 5.40 miles
  • 1390 ft

This trail has great views looking up at El Capitan....