Puzzler 2011 35-Mile Course

This is the tentative route for the 35-mile version of the El Paso Puzzler Endurance Mountain Bike Race to be held January 16, 2011. The final course is subject to revisions. The course loops around and through the north Franklin Mountains within Franklin Mountains State Park and includes a 1500 foot climb that starts nine miles into the race. This is one tough course!

Ride Info

  • 34.00 miles of Mixed
  • 4250 feet
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Elevation Profile

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How to get there:

The actual Puzzler race will start at the Bowen Ranch Round House, but access to that point is usually unavailable. Instead, go to Heinrich Park in northeast El Paso and begin the course there. To get to Heinrich Park from downtown El Paso, take I-10 east to US 54 and go north to the Martin Luther King exit. Go left (north) .5 miles and then left on to Jon Cunningham. Cunningham ends at the park in .5 miles. Access the trail just left of the cement dam.